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Rules: Godmodding

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1 Rules: Godmodding on Sat Jan 16, 2016 7:37 pm

Hello and welcome to Twisted Roleplay here we have some rules that you will need to follow throughout your stay here at this room and website.


  • Do not godmod, this is the act of having your character show overpowering abilities or to be able to do anything without limits or boundaries.

  • This includes: Killing or seriously injuring another roleplayer’s character without their permission.

  • Being unharmed by every attack of a player or not being hit by any at all.

  • As well as the above two, “Autohitting”, the act of hurting another player’s character without giving them the chance to respond i.e. “*hits [PLAYER] in the face*”, as opposed to “*swings her first towards [PLAYER]’s face*”, is also considered as an act of godmodding in certain cases.

  • “Powerplaying” or controlling another player’s character.
    You will be warned if what you are doing is considered godmodding, and muted for seven minutes if you continue, mutes will continue if the rule is continuously broken and you will be banned if you persist.

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