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Rules: In Character

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1 Rules: In Character on Sat Jan 16, 2016 7:41 pm

In Character

  • This room is a room for all ages, please do not perform NSFW, ‘smut’ or any form of sexual roleplaying in the main room, it can be kept in private messaging or not done at all.

  • A “cut-to-black” situation is also allowed, but not recommended.

  • Breaking this rule will most likely be treated with a warning to take it to Private Messaging, seven minute or hour mute, depending on the nature.

  • Once again; this room is open to people of all ages, the mention of drugs, drug use, rape, or any similar adult themes will result in a seven minute mute.

  • Roleplaying may be an outlet but it is not an excuse. Try to refrain from bringing IRL [In Real Life] drama into characters unexpectedly and Do Not take it out on users who are undeserving or have nothing to do with your problem.

  • On that note: Remember that there are people to talk to if you need them.

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