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Rules: Out of Character

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1 Rules: Out of Character on Sat Jan 16, 2016 7:43 pm

Out of Character

  • If a roleplayer is uncomfortable with something, don’t continue to do it. This is disrespectful and will most likely hurt the roleplayer if you continue. You will be warned, and muted if you do not stop.

  • Do not initiate arguments or fights with other players out of character. Not only would this most likely derail a roleplay, but might also disrupt the chat in general. You and any others involved will be warned, and will be muted if you continue.

  • Two-way arguments should be taken to PM and be solved there.

  • Due to past events, please do not conflict on beliefs/opinions, such as religion.

  • In general, be respectful to others, we want this room to be a safe environment for everyone.

  • During a roleplay, keep OOC speak to a minimum. RPs tend become slow and quiet due to the overuse of OOC speak.

  • Two way OOC conversations should be taken to PM during a roleplay.

  • If several users complain about your behaviour, it will be reviewed and you will be warned to stop such behavior if it is true. If you do not stop such behaviors, you will be punished.

  • Do not use slurs in the chatroom.

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