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Rules: Formatting and Text

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1 Rules: Formatting and Text on Sat Jan 16, 2016 7:44 pm

Formatting and Text

  • Do not abuse the Bold Formatting. Bold is generally only used by ranked users or the “host” of a roleplay, unless you are given permission to bold, refrain from doing it. Continuously bolding after being warned will result in a mute.

  • Do not abuse the Spoiler Formatting. Usually, spoiler formatting will tend to start a chain of spoiler formatted messages. To keep the room clean and to avoid roleplay derail, please avoid using spoiler formatting.

  • Do not spam in the chatroom, spam is the same message posted several times in a row, commonly in quick succession. Spam can also be when one posts gibberish text over several messages, which would flood the chat. In general, do not flood the chat in any way, automatic mute if you are caught deliberately spamming.

  • Do not capitalize too much in one post. Three words per post at the most. A single post should not be fully capitalized either. You will be warned to stop, and muted if you continue afterwards.

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