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Rules: Moderation and Ranking

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1 Rules: Moderation and Ranking on Sat Jan 16, 2016 7:45 pm

Moderation and Ranking

  • Drivers, Moderators and Room Owners are trusted to follow the rules and set an example for other users, as well as use their powers to settle situations when needed. The roles of Voiced User, Driver, Moderator and Room Owner are not excuses to circumvent the rules. Any ranked user seen deliberately breaking the rules or abusing their powers will be warned and stripped of their rank if they persist.

  • Do not ask for roles such as Voiced User, Driver, Moderator or Room Owner. These roles are given to users who are seen as responsible, and are given out only after Room Owners believe a user is fit and will uphold the rules and standards of the room.

  • A higher authority has the right to overrule any decisions made by a lower one. Staff are advised to remain rational and collected under pressure or during any conflict.

  • As a reminder, voices, drivers mods and ROs are still held to the same rules as everyone else. If you see one breaking any of the above rules or not enforcing them when necessary, please let another mod/RO (preferably one who was not in chat at the time) know immediately! Also, make sure you have proof through a screenshot, as going through chat logs is taxing on the eyes. Do not abuse this for the sake of causing drama.

Now that you know have fun in Twisted Roleplay!

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